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Hello, and welcome to WeAreNotTrolls.

Have you ever been called a troll for asking a thief to take down a stolen picture, or for telling a underage kid that dA isn't suited for her?

You are in the right place.

This group was made with intentions of cleaning up deviantART from rule breakers in general, like art thieves, ban evaders, and such.


To join, click in the "Join" button. You must wait for a bit to your request be accepted, because we scan the gallery of every single one who attempts to be a member.

If you have any submission that violates deviantART's Terms of Service, you will be declined.


:pointr: Warn about new rule breakers on the comments section. Inform the type of violation and a link to the deviation (and a link to the original if you can). If it's a full gallery, link it instead. If it's a underage kid or a ban evader, link proof to us.

:pointr:Be nice. dA reformuled ToS consider harassment saying things like "REPORTED" and "ENJOY YOUR BAN" on rule breaker's profiles. Instead of doing it, ask to the user if he had permission to post the deviation and link him to a FAQ if he says not. If it's a underage kid or a ban-evader, or a user posting porn, we recommend to report silently. We do not encourage the harassment of rule breakers and we are not responsible for our members actions.

:pointr: Any suggestion or question, you may sent a note to contact the admins.

:bulletgreen: Submmiting

Any deviation submitted to the group will need to be checked.

:pointr: We do not recommend to use screencaps for proof of rule-breakers. dA admins consider screenshots to be almost useless, since they consider that "they can be easily edited".

Group Info

Welcome to WeAreNotTrolls! Essentially, we are an anti-theft group here to help make dA a better place. Please, take some time to look around and maybe even join in the fun.
Founded 4 Years ago
Nov 7, 2010


Group Focus
Support & Cause

165 Members
237 Watchers
18,326 Pageviews
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I will be going through the gallery and removing anything that does not have the icon and username blocked off... just fyi.
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Amakai411 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mad-Bites - MASSIVE TROLL On top of that they do not follow or respect the adopt makers rules. You can read this journal below for more information and proof of all the bullshit they've pulled:
milovanf Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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Flagged as Spam
Dream-EatingBakeneko Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Anyone know what happened to ~I-Call-Bull? I was just there earlier today and now it's gone.
(1 Reply)
Ailoncha Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
~PunkyShinigami There are so many different art styles in just one account that I don't know where to start. She blocks and hides, so don't waste your time with that.
milovanf Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Look who's back: :iconmidnightmoonkitten: Its ranna with new name and same intelligent of a 5 year old child. :| First she got deactivate but now she's back and and she's starting all over again. My advice for you is to beware of her, she is really stubborn and stupid too. Plus she is a big liar so watch out how you talking to her.
kurimaki Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconartgamecomingback: :iconsonicxnazo: is an underage little boy who is like any normal 11 year-old. I said that he shouldn't be taking requests before you actually have enough evidence that you are a good artist, then all hell breaks loose. He told me that he can do better art than me, blah blah blah, typical 11 year-old douche. BTW I really cannot stand his stupidity and no logic thing. I tried being reasonable and logical to him, but nope. That didn't work. Now he just tries to harrass me in any way possible. He has like, 2 or 3 kiddy white knights? Anyway, i can't stand and I hate kids (Yes, Irony, hypocrite. Call me whatever you want, but i'm actually more mature than my age.), so then I just go immature call of duty boy on him. I blocked him on Youtube, tumblr, and deviantART just to be safe from anymore harassment. I ahev to reply to him rudely because immature people are one of my biggest pet peeves.
maneko Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
This little girl goes around collecting things to recolor and resell as her own "adoptables" without caring at all about rules and thinking that crediting means she can help herself to other people's work as much as she wants.

Every time this has been pointed to her she explodes with hate, drama, fake tears and goes into a blocking/hiding spree, followed by a revenge spamming and defamation campaign where she desperately tries to paint the other people as cyberbullies for not letting her do as she pleases.
On the other hand, while she smugly claims that blocking people out is her way to defeat bullies, she goes hysterical if one of the persons she revenge spammed blocks her out, and tries to use her friends to keep pestering the other person as much as she wants.

Her journals are usually full of threats and smug comments where she lies and thrashes her "enemies" at will, but if one of those people discovers the journals and ask her for an explanation, she cowardly deletes everything and sewars she never said anything so she should be left alone and not bullied anymore.

She also goes around whiteknighting other thieves and desperately trying to find ways to justify or rationalize theft and scamming others for points.

Finally, she uses to "spy" on anti-theft journals to see if somebody is talking about her and goes into full harras/revenge spamming mode if her name is brought up.
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